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Double rifle gun case 120cm airsoft - Olive

The gun bag is made of nylon. Thanks to the application of the additional sleeve the cover will without any problem hold a gun that is up to 1300mm long. Inside of the main chamber there are two additional gun mounting bands. Inside the front 620x260mm big pocket we will fit a machinegun. The gun mounting bands are also located in it.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Black

The bag is constructed from durable and tough 600D nylon, which is capable of supporting the weight of two Airsoft weapons with ease. This practical carry case is ideal for any Airsofter who likes taking more than one Airsoft weapon to a skirmish, and keeping all of their gear together in one convenient bag.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Tan

Gun case with two chambers for dual storage/transportation. Main chamber will hold rifle up to 960 mm long (or 1100 mm when utilising the external hood).Secondary chamber will hold a firearm up to 650 mm long.Case also has pockets that allow transporting magazine or other accesories.Case may be transported in ordinary fasion with use of transport handle...

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Double Rifle case 80cm - airsoft gun Black

Gun case with two chambers for guns. Main chamber will hold gun with lenght up to 800 mm (or 1100 mm with use of external hood) Secondary chamber will hold gun with lenght up to 580 mmCase has also pocket"s allowing for transport of magazine"s or other accesories

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CHARGER LIPO/LIFE/NIMH 25W/3A with balancer


Charger Specification:

Input Voltage: 100-240V (AC)
Charging Voltage: 3A max
Max Charging Rate: 25W
Charger Type: LiPo/LiFe/NiMH
LiPo/LiFe: 25/35
NiMH: 1-85
Balancing Current: 200 mAh

NOTICE! Charges are covered only by starting warranty.

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Microprocessor charger with balancer for LiPo / LiFe / NiMH batteries.

Easy-to-use universal microprocessor charger equipped with a balancer, for battery packs consisting of 2-3 Li-Po cells or 1-8 NiMH cells.

Thanks to the quality construction, the charging process is stable and the microprocessor supervises the selection of the appropriate voltage and current. Thanks to that, the battery will never be overcharged and will retain its factory parameters for a long time.

The charger has three diodes indicating the operating mode.

During charging, the diode blinks, after the charging is complete, it is permanently lit.

The LiPo / LiFe battery should be connected only via the balancer connector and the NiMH battery through the adapter included in the set!

The balancer has two inputs one for 7.4 V packages, the other one for 11.1V batteries.

The set includes an adapter for connecting a NiMH battery.

The charger does not have the option of loading two packages at the same time!

* Suitable for LiPo / LiFe battery packs (2 to 3 cells) and NiMH battery packs (1 to 8 cells)

* Has the function of automatic voltage maintenance in the battery

* Aligns voltage on individual targets by precise discharge or charging

* Powered by electricity from 100V - 240V

* It is characterized by a power of 25W and a current charging up to 3A.

Status indication

Charging: Red

Full charged: Green

Failure: Red blink

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GFC Energy LiPo smartcharger

GFC Energy LiPo smartchargerA very intuitive and easy to use smartcharger by GFC Energy, equipped with a built-in balancer. Can be used to charge both 7,4 V as well as 11,1 V LiPo batteries. The charger is supplied with an autodetection system allowing it to Automatically go into standby mode after the charging process is finished.CAUTION! The charger...

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iMaxRC - Charger A3 - NiMh - Tamiya Large

Easy to use NiMH battery charger.The charger uses 110-240V AC main power.Charges NiMH, NiCd batteries with up to 2A charge current.For 7,2V, 8,4V and 9,6V batteries. High quality, safe and durable.Tamiya Large plug. With led indicators. NOTICE! Charges are covered only by starting warranty.

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This modern microprocessor charger is designed for NiMH and NiCD batteries. Suitable for batteries with the number of cells from 1 to 8.It recognizes the battery status and automatically stops the charging process when the battery is full. NOTICE! Charges are covered only by starting warranty. Tamiya Large

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GFC Energy NiMH smartcharger

A very intuitive and easy to use smartcharger by GFC Energy. Can be used to charge NiMH batteries. The charger is supplied with a cell count autodetection system.

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This combo pack contains a 9.6v NiMH nunchuck battery and smart charger. The nunchuck configuration battery fits most airsoft rifles, and the smart charger will quickly charge and keep the battery topped off. Both have small type tamiya plugs that are common to most airsoft rifles as well.  Please note; battery & charger can looks different (not...

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Redox Alpha V2 battery charger COMBO (with power supply)

Redox Alpha V2  battery charger COMBO (with power supply) A new improved version of the popular Redox company’s Alpha charger. The Redox Alpha V2 is inter alia equipped with an actualized software ensuring a long and stable operation of the device. Additionally, a big radiator which discharges the heat very efficiently was mounted on the top of the...

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Quick and easy to use charger with balancer. After connection to power one of three LED s will flask. When charging is completed the one of three LED s will light constant. NOTICE! -Charges are covered only by starting warranty. - Can be yellow or blue (pictures)

Price €29.95

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