Archangel's Blades Team - ARCHANGELS BLADES is a voluntary club with committee members who take on the responsibility as Commanders/Marshals/Team Leaders on the day of an event and have the right to refuse entry to games.

AIRSOFT Manufacturers

G&G Airsoft guns and accessories - G&G always getermined on marking high quality Airsoft product. We cybernate to design all products .It lets the products precision and stable.

G&P - Today, the company is Hong Kong's most important airsoft manufacturer and wholesaler, representing and distributing several brands of airsoft and parts.

ASG ActionSportGames - ActionSportGames is a worldwide leader in the business of replica firearms and accessories manufacturing – including Airsoft guns, Co2 guns, toyguns and firearms replicas. We specialize in 1:1 scale replica guns and accessories.

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