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Double rifle gun case 120cm airsoft - Olive

The gun bag is made of nylon. Thanks to the application of the additional sleeve the cover will without any problem hold a gun that is up to 1300mm long. Inside of the main chamber there are two additional gun mounting bands. Inside the front 620x260mm big pocket we will fit a machinegun. The gun mounting bands are also located in it.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Tan

Gun case with two chambers for dual storage/transportation. Main chamber will hold rifle up to 960 mm long (or 1100 mm when utilising the external hood).Secondary chamber will hold a firearm up to 650 mm long.Case also has pockets that allow transporting magazine or other accesories.Case may be transported in ordinary fasion with use of transport handle...

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Black

The bag is constructed from durable and tough 600D nylon, which is capable of supporting the weight of two Airsoft weapons with ease. This practical carry case is ideal for any Airsofter who likes taking more than one Airsoft weapon to a skirmish, and keeping all of their gear together in one convenient bag.

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Level 3 Molle Assault Backpack, Airsoft OD

A very comfortable nylon made Assault Pack. Thanks to the good planning of the compartment and pocket placing the backpack is very capacious despite the rather small dimensions. The suspenders are adjustable in two ways: on the height of the shoulder and by the bottom of the backpack. The backpack can be taken off in a  very easy and fast way thanks to...

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battery, charger, set, G&G,  1600 mAh
  • battery, charger, set, G&G,  1600 mAh



This combo pack contains a 9.6v NiMH nunchuck battery and smart charger. The nunchuck configuration battery fits most airsoft rifles, and the smart charger will quickly charge and keep the battery topped off. Both have small type tamiya plugs that are common to most airsoft rifles as well.

 Please note; battery & charger can looks different (not like on picture)!!!

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Set of one 9.6V 1600 mAh battery for CQB, V shape & one G&G 7.2V-9.6V NiMH Battery Smart Charger, Mini Plug (EU).


Battery charger 120-240V input DC15V 800mA output 500 mA charging current Mini plug connector 
1. Controlled by smart 12 bit A/D Microprocessor and detected by -ΔV to increase rechargeable batteries lifespan.
2. 2 dual color LED indicators.
3. Automatic trickle charge after full charge.
5. Short circuit protection.

1. Connect Ni-MH battery pack with the charger. Make sure the connection is correct between the poles (+) and (-).
2. Plug the charger into the household AC outlet. The red LED indicator will light up for proper charging.
3. After full charge, the LED indicator turns green and then trickle charge will be started to keep the power of batteries.
4. Please remove the charger from the AC outlet, and then remove the battery pack from the charger after full charge.

Recommended Fit: M4A1 hand guard, M733 hand guard, M4 Commando hand guard, MP5A5 hand guard, and MP5SD6 hand guard

The 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Crane Stock Battery is designed specifically for use with a Crane Stock. The battery is pack is separated into two halves to fit the slots of the crane stock around the buffer tube. This battery will increase the rate of fire of your airsoft gun due to the higher voltage and its higher discharge rate.

Voltage: 9.6v
Milliampere Hours: 1600mAh
Cell Type: Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)
Connector Type: Mini

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IPower nunchaku type Li-Po battery with a capacity of 2900mAh and a voltage of 7.4V. Its discharge current is 20C. It is equipped with a small Tamyia plug. LiPo batteries are characterised by a positive capacity-to-weight ratio and a low self-discharge rate, which benefits their use. The lithium-polymer batteries we offer are built with two (7.4V) or...

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NiMH 9,6V 1600mAh V shape battery

9.6V NiMH Butterfly / Nunchuck Battery For Electric AEG - 1600 mAh is designed specifically for use with a Crane Stock. The battery is pack is separated into two halves to fit the slots of the crane stock around the buffer tube.  NOTICE! Batteries are covered only by starting warranty.

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LiPo 7.4V 1200 mAh 25/50C Battery

LiPo 7.4V 1200 mAh 25/50C Battery Electro River™ is a new quality on the LiPo battery pack market. The manufacturer has set for himself a goal to create a product whose quality will match even the best players on the market of batteries whilst at the same time retaining an attractive price. The offer includes high capacity packs designed with limited...

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Gate TITAN v2 Advanced Complete Set Rear Wired MOSFET

TITAN V2™ is an AEG Control System for V2 gearboxes which will transform your AEG into an advanced training weapon. Adjust your AEG and check the Statistics using USB-Link and GATE Control Station app for PC and Android devices. Gain a tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response, option of adjusting trigger sensitivity to your...

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Gate TITAN v2 Basic Module Front MOSFET

TITAN V2 Basic Module - the best if you long for having TITAN in two or more airsoft guns. Then you do not need the second USB-Link from the Advanced or Complete set. It includes TITAN with BASIC firmware edition. The BASIC firmware edition is an economic version with limited number of functions, dedicated for those who prefer simplicity but require...

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GFC Energy NiMH smartcharger

A very intuitive and easy to use smartcharger by GFC Energy. Can be used to charge NiMH batteries. The charger is supplied with a cell count autodetection system.

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Gate NanoASR 3rd gen MOSFET AEG

NanoASR is the latest standard third generation MOSFET. The application of the most up-to-date transistors and microprocessor enabled us to create the smallest and most reliable MOSFET in the market.  Thanks to its special coating, it is resistant to atmospheric conditions.

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