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Custom G36K With S&T Grenade Launcher 608-2 [WORKS J.G.]

Very well made replica of G36K by [WORKS J.G.]. It is replica of assault rifle that is commonly known in the world. Original firearm is used by special forces like: SAS, GROM, Bundeswehr, GOE, Spanish Air Force and many more. It also popular in the airsoft sport environment because of relation between price and realization. The body is made from high...

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G&G Laser Sight for G2010/F2000 AEG

G&G Laser Sight for G2010/F2000 AEG- Polymer Made Handguard- With Metal Laser Sight- Rear button switch- For Mount on G&G G2010 Hunter / FN2000 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles- Powered by 3x CR123A Batteries (Batteries not included)

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UMP M89A SMG airsoft


Set includes:

* M89A

* accumulator stick 8,4V 1150mAh

* charger 

* magazine Hi cap 450rd

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Low-Profile Goggles With 3 type Glasses – BLACK
Low-Profile Goggles With 3 type Glasses – BLACK
Pro Tech Guns - Silicone Oil
Pro Tech Guns - Silicone Oil
Rockets Professional 0,20g BBs - 1kg (5000rds)
Rockets Professional 0,20g BBs - 1kg (5000rds)


Weight: 2600 g

Color: black

Length: 690 mm

Material: aluminum, nylon

Fire mode: auto, single

Length of internal barrel: 200 mm

Diameter of Internal barrel: 6,08 mm

Magazine model: hi-cap

Magazine capacity: 450 BBs

Magazine material: ABS

Muzzle velocity: ~328 fps

Muzzle energy: ~1J

Accumulator voltage: 8,4 V

Accumulator capacitance: 1150 mAh

Accumulator type: stick

Accumulator type: NiMH

Accumulator connector type: small Tamiya

Accumulator cells type: mini

Warranty period: 1month

Manufacturer: Double Eagle

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Thompson CM.033 [CYMA] SMG airsoft

CM.033 is a replica of submachine gun made famous in the days of Prohibition era in the United States as a weapon used by both gangsters and police, and during World War II by American soldiers. Butt stock, rear grip, and fore grip is stylized on wood made of plastic. Magazine, frame group, bolt, barrel and receiver are made of metal. Estimated...

Price €121.95
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P90 CM.060 FULL [CYMA]

DESCRIPTION Thoroughly and carefully made replica of PDW. The body is made from the polymer. The replica has three metal Picatinny rail allowing mounting of tactical accessories (optics, flashlights, laser sights). The mechanism is a dedicated metal gearbox v.6 with steel-sliding bearings 6mm, cylinder type 1, reinforced piston with aluminum sleeve,...

Price €139.95
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Galaxy MP5K SMG, airsoft

Estimated delivery within 5-10 working days This compact lightweight polymer AEG really takes the cake when it comes to subcompact assault weaponry; about 1 foot / 30cm long and coming in at about 1.3kg

Price €119.95
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R4 replica made of high quality ABS. Outer barrel, sights, guides flask, trigger, RIS rails and selector lever are made of metal. The body, profiled pistol grip and the stock is made of high quality ABS. A replica can be used as a side weapon and in the competition as CQB.

Price €79.95

STEN MK.II, Airsoft AEG Rifle

Classic English sub machine gun immortalized by its action during the Second World War, where the British commando forces and resistance forces in occupied Europe, benefitted from its simple but efficient construction.  

Price €179.95
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M3A1 Grease Gun, Snow Wolf, SW-M6-02

A replica of the legendary American sub-machinegun, the so called grease gun which is made by the Snow Wolf company. It is a great opportunity  for those who love military items from the period of the II World War. The replica’s body was made of steel when as the barrel and other minor elements are made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum. The Grease Gun is...

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PPSH41 Sub-Machinegun Replica

The PPSH41 sub-machinegun replica made by the Smart Team HK is made of steel and is put on a wooden body. It is a faithful and perfectly made replication of one of the most characteristic sub-machineguns of the II World Was, it persists on the MP40 sub-machinegun. The manufacturer made many effort in order to project and made the replica which will meet...

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Galaxy MP5 PDW AEG, Airsoft

Galaxy MP5K PDW AEG, Side Foldable Stock, Fully / Semi Automatic Shooting Mode, Come with Long & Short Magazines, Muzzle Velocity reach up to 320FPS without modification, Included Battery & Charger.

Price €129.95
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MP5-A4 JG070 [WORKS J.G.

JG070 is replica of most popular SMG's on world - MP5. Original firearm is commonly used by special forces like: SAS, GROM, Navy SEALs, GSG9 and many more.

Price €119.95

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