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Double rifle gun case 120cm airsoft - Olive

The gun bag is made of nylon. Thanks to the application of the additional sleeve the cover will without any problem hold a gun that is up to 1300mm long. Inside of the main chamber there are two additional gun mounting bands. Inside the front 620x260mm big pocket we will fit a machinegun. The gun mounting bands are also located in it.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Black

The bag is constructed from durable and tough 600D nylon, which is capable of supporting the weight of two Airsoft weapons with ease. This practical carry case is ideal for any Airsofter who likes taking more than one Airsoft weapon to a skirmish, and keeping all of their gear together in one convenient bag.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Tan

Gun case with two chambers for dual storage/transportation. Main chamber will hold rifle up to 960 mm long (or 1100 mm when utilising the external hood).Secondary chamber will hold a firearm up to 650 mm long.Case also has pockets that allow transporting magazine or other accesories.Case may be transported in ordinary fasion with use of transport handle...

Price €35.96 Regular price €47.95
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CYMA M9 AEG Airsoft Pistol (CM126)

CYM-01-010235, FB3409

CYMA M9 (CM126)
- Great Airsoft Electric Pistol 
- Primary CQB weapon
- Include Battery & Charger

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Replica gun CM126 CM126 manufactured by Cyma is a replica alternative to gas-powered models. For the production of replicas used metal and plastic. Metal is here the whole castle and the internal mechanism, together with the barrel and trigger and magazine. With plastic produced other elements, such as skeleton, outer barrel and the lining of the handle. On the back of the lock's wing mode selector fire, fuse, while provided on the right side of the skeleton. Replica allows you to fire a single and continuous - making it extremely effective sidearm, and in some circumstances (even if the game CQB) - even basic! The replica is powered by a battery placed under the grille lock. To remove the lock just move one lock, and the whole operation installation / replacement battery takes just a few seconds. Electric drive allows you to use replicas - in contrast to replicas of gas - in almost any season or weather conditions. After removing the lock also get access to the control knob hop-up system. The included clip is made of metal, its capacity is 29 balls. 

Weight: 755,000
Magazine model: aluminum
Bearings type: polycarbonate sliding
Accumulator type: NiMH
Muzzle velocity: 195 fps
Warranty period: 1 months
Blowback: no
Accumulator type: mini
Accumulator included in set: YES
Magazine capacity: 29 BBs
Accumulator capacitance: 450 mAh
Material: ABS
Color: black
Length: 200 mm
Accumulator voltage: 7,2 V
Muzzle energy: 0,35 J
Fire mode: auto, single

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CYM-01-010235, FB3409

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CM.128 is a selective-fire (semi-auto) electric non-blowback pistol. Fire-control selector switch in the form of the Safety Lever. Frame and slide made of polymer. Pistol featured with a hop up system.

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The long-awaited Li-Po battery dedicated to electric pistols equipped with a small Deans connector. For charging, use only chargers dedicated for li-po batteries. The battery is connected to the charger through the balancer port. Suitable for replicas such as CM 121.CM122, CM123, CM125, CM126, CM127, CM128 and similar equipped with a small Deans...

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CM125S MOSFET New Version Electric Pistol Replica

The replica was made of durable polymer and metal. Metal parts include the slide and small elements such as the screws and magazine elements. The replica’s frame was made of polymer.  The replica is powered with electricity which means that it can be easily used during winter games. Hop-Up system is one of the biggest advantages of this pistol, which...

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CYMA AEG Airsoft Pistol (CM127)

Electric Pistol Great Starter Sidearm Fully Automatic Mode A non-blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Pistol which is based upon some of the World's most popular pistols, with all of the best bits taken and combined to create one unique pistol which is highly ergonomic.

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The long-awaited Li-Po battery dedicated to electric pistols. Its significantly improves the response to trigger pull -replica comes alive! The battery fits without any modifications in the replica, its charging is detached using chargers for Li-Po batteries. For charging, use only chargers dedicated for li-po batteries. The battery is connected to the...

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CYMA M9 AEG Airsoft Pisol MOSFET New Version [CM.132S]

The latest version of the popular CYMA AEP electric pistols. The replica has a MOSFET system (battery and switch protection), detachable Li-Po battery, upgraded gearbox with steel bearings and low-resistance wiring. Durable steel gears ensure trouble-free operation of the mechanism. Thanks to these upgrades we got an extremely durable pistol with a quick...

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