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G&G Laser Sight for G2010/F2000 AEG

G&G Laser Sight for G2010/F2000 AEG- Polymer Made Handguard- With Metal Laser Sight- Rear button switch- For Mount on G&G G2010 Hunter / FN2000 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles- Powered by 3x CR123A Batteries (Batteries not included)

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ELECTRO RIVER LiPo 7,4V 2000mAh 15/30C T-connect (DEANS)
  • ELECTRO RIVER LiPo 7,4V 2000mAh 15/30C T-connect (DEANS)

ELECTRO RIVER LiPo 7,4V 2000mAh 15/30C T-connect (DEANS)

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Electro River™ is a new quality on the LiPo battery pack market. The manufacturer has set for himself a goal to create a product whose quality will match even the best players on the market of batteries whilst at the same time retaining an attractive price. The offer includes high capacity packs designed with limited space replicas in mind - new packs are similar to a lighter in size! 

High quality wiring and connectors guarantee maximum exploitation of the energy potential of the battery by minimizing losses during energy transfer. Such a solution also prevents overheating of the contacts Every cell has a Nanosafe® safeguard in order to minimize the risk of potential fire of the pack as a result of damage.

Due to Subzero Power® technology, the low temperature efficiency has been increased. Even in temperatures below zero the level of self-discharge is very low. High quality craftsmanship of each cell and other elements provides minimal internal resistance and voltage durability under stress. The abovementioned features have allowed to achieve up to 20% more charging cycles than in other Li-Po batteries! This makes Electro River™ products a very attractive offer both for beginners and advance LiPo battery users. 

Lithium-Ion-Polymer (LiPo) packs are successors to the known Lithium-Ion (LiIon) packs. The basic advantage of LiPo is undoubtedly the ratio of capacity to size. The packs are of very small size whilst maintaining a very large electric efficiency, which allows for choosing an appropriate pack for practically every AEG replica. Do not feature memory effect.  Can be charged very frequently, without the need to be fully discharged. Frequent charging is beneficial for every type of a battery. 

It is crucial to remember not to discharge a LiPo pack to a level of less than 3V per cell and not to overcharge over 4,2V per cell. Another advantage of LiPo packs is a small percentage rate of self-discharge. Unused pack will lose approximately 3-5% of energy per month. It is important to pay attention to an unused pack as there is a risk that as a result of not being used over a prolonged period of time it can be discharged beneath the acceptable minimal value (3V per cell) and inadvertent chemical reactions may occur, which lead to a deterioration of the pack’s properties including a permanent damage and, in extreme cases, fire. Unused LiPo pack should be charged to an average of 70%. 

Properly used, a LiPo pack has a exploitation period of on average 500-700 cycles. An important factor is the temperature thatLiPo packs can work in. In contrast to other batteries, LiPo cells perform well in low temperatures.  However, they should be charged in room temperature. In order to maintain the good condition of LiPo batteries it is required to balance them during charging with a service connector, which most LiPo packs have (a good LiPo charger features an in-built balancer).

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