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G&G Laser Sight for G2010/F2000 AEG

G&G Laser Sight for G2010/F2000 AEG- Polymer Made Handguard- With Metal Laser Sight- Rear button switch- For Mount on G&G G2010 Hunter / FN2000 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles- Powered by 3x CR123A Batteries (Batteries not included)

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SF M300B ScoutLight LED Flashlight - Black

An aluminium diode flashlight powered by CR123A battery. Tempered glass is very durable to all sorts of shocks and the mount is resistant to small vibration and can be attached to any Picatinny 22 mm mounting rail. The set includes two switches: a gel button - pressure initiated and a second, traditional on/off button.

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Double rifle gun case 120cm airsoft - Olive

The gun bag is made of nylon. Thanks to the application of the additional sleeve the cover will without any problem hold a gun that is up to 1300mm long. Inside of the main chamber there are two additional gun mounting bands. Inside the front 620x260mm big pocket we will fit a machinegun. The gun mounting bands are also located in it.

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Gate ASTER V2 Module basic Front wired


ASTER Module - It includes ASTER with BASIC firmware edition.

The BASIC firmware edition is an economic version with limited number of functions, dedicated for those who prefer simplicity but require highest quality. If you decide to have more functions, there is always an option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED or EXPERT.

  1. ASTER Module with BASIC firmware edition (Front wired)
  2. ASTER Patch
  3. 'Programming via Trigger' Card
  4. Installation Kit
  5. Quickstart Guide
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NOTICE! In order to configure ASTER via GCS app, you need the USB-Link or Blu-Link*, which is not included in this kit. EXPERT firmware edition was released in Fall 2019. 

ASTER V2 is a younger brother of well-known TITAN V2. This world's first 4th generation AEG Control System is destined for V2 gearboxes (including stock, low- and mid-tuned) and even for high-tuned guns (in case of EXPERT firmware). It was designed to achieve maximum reliability at attractive price and hence it has extremely profitable price-performance ratio. Transform your AEG by replacing trigger contacts with computerized controller equipped with innovative optical sensors. Gain a unique tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response and lots of other useful functions. ASTER's smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery, motor and the controller, even in case of reverse battery connection. This feature, along with the optical sensors, makes ASTER the most durable drop-in unit on the market. You choose how to configure ASTER - simply via trigger or through USB-Link / Blu-Link and our advanced GCS app. To enjoy full potential of ASTER, you can upgrade its firmware to ADVANCED or EXPERT.

*Blu-Link is future GATE Bluetooth® adapter. It will be compatible with future GATE iOS app.

What makes ASTER so special?

  • Protection against battery reverse polarity
  • Proximity trigger sensor which offers even 250 possible sensitivity settings
  • Option to configure its main settings simply via trigger or completely through GATE Control Station app 
for Android, Windows and macOS (also for iOS in 2020, after Bluetooth® dongle release)
  • Built-in RGB led makes programming easier
  • Removing of safety lever is not required
  • No modification of gearbox shell needed, even in case of KRYTAC* and ICS
(*when bolt catch lever is removed. This applies to ASTER Rev 1. Next ASTER revisions will be fully compatible with KRYTAC gearbox)
  • Optical gear cam sensor supports all types of gears: Infinite Torque-up, DSG, SSG, 19-tooth and standard
  • Binary trigger function as basic function
  • Premium level functionality at fair price – extremely profitable price-performance ratio
  • GCS app allows for making firmware updates via the internet, which enables quick applying of improvements

What is a drop-in module? It is an electronic unit replacing the trigger contacts and the cut-off lever, which takes control of your AEG.


GATE Control Station™ app

ASTER and GATE Control Station give you total control of your AEG. The GCS offers you the option to:

  • control your airsoft gun from smartphone with Android (also with iOS in 2020, after Bluetooth® dongle release) 
and PC with Windows or macOS
  • simply adjust the ASTER settings
  • update and upgrade firmware
  • see the BB counters and Measurements statistics
  • perform diagnostics and send reports


GATE Control Station Android download page

GATE Control Station Windows/macOS download page 




Optical sensors

ASTER has optical sensors for detecting gear cam, trigger and selector position. With the GCS app, you can easly

calibrate, test and adjust these sensors.

Trigger sensitivity adjustment

The trigger sensor offers you even 250 possible sensitivity settings. You do not have to disassemble your AEG.

Just use GCS app to adjust the trigger to your preferences and level of skills. You can even activate 2-stage trigger 

and set two different trigger sensitivities. Pulling the trigger slightly produces Semi or Burst fire and pulling

the trigger further produces Burst, Burst / Auto or Auto fire. The 1.5 gen. proximity trigger sensor offers

the following sensitivity ranges, depending on trigger construction:

  • In total: 160–250 levels
  • In the first millimeter of trigger movement: 3–15 levels

If you want to enjoy 'hair trigger' function in ASTER, equip it with GATE Quantum Trigger.


Selector switching point adjustment

The selector sensor gives you an option for fine calibration of selector switching point.

Please note: Trigger sensitivity and selector switching point cannot be set while programming via trigger.




blu l top 1470


Blu-Link allows for wireless management of your GATE ETU via GCS app for iOS, Android and later this year, also Windows / macOS. You can use iPhone, Android smartphone or a computer to control ASTER or TITAN. Blu-Link perfectly expands GATE ETUs possibilities by equipping them with Bluetooth® 5.0 technology.



programming via trigger card 2 200521 1229

Programming via trigger

This programming mode allows you to configure basic functions of ASTER only with trigger and fire selector. During programming, functions and options are indicated by corresponding LED colors and vibrations.

The following ASTER options can be programmed via trigger:

  1. Fire mode – blue (unavailable for Regional lock)
    1. Safe - Semi - Auto
    2. Safe - Binary - Auto
    3. Safe - Semi - Semi
    4. Safe - Semi - Burst
    5. GCS setting
  2. Burst mode – bright blue (unavailable for Regional lock)
    1. 3rd, Full
    2. 3rd, Interruptible
    3. 5rd, Full
    4. 5rd, Interruptible
    5. GCS setting
  3. Battery protection – green
    1. Off
    2. LiPo
    3. LiPo with 3.2 V warning
    4. GCS setting
  4. Active brake – pink
    1. Adaptive
    2. Off
    3. GCS setting
  5. Advanced settings – orange
    1. Read DTC
    2. Clear DTC
    3. Restore default settings
    4. Restore factory settings


  GCS PC / macOS 3.0 GCS PC / macOS 2.x GCS Android GCS iOS
TITAN with GBU firmware + - + +
TITAN without GBU firmware - + + -
ASTER + - + +
TPC + + + -
USB-Link + + + -
Blu-Link - - + +

Please note: to connect ETU to GCS you need USB-Link or Blu-Link


The table below contains functional comparison of settings configured via trigger and across firmware editions. The comparison applies to ASTER possibilities and TITAN functionality after GBU firmware update. You need to purchase USB-Link or Blu-Link to connect ASTER with GATE Control Station.

Edition comparison

Please note: Gearbox and smartphone are not included.

Please note that material and colour of insulation washers included in the kit may differ between different batches.



GATE does not guarantee the compatibility of mosfets and ETUs such as TITAN or ASTER with brushless motors. Connection of a brushless motor can cause immediate damage to the device, motor and battery, that is not covered by the warranty and can lead to a fire.

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