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Double rifle gun case 120cm airsoft - Olive

The gun bag is made of nylon. Thanks to the application of the additional sleeve the cover will without any problem hold a gun that is up to 1300mm long. Inside of the main chamber there are two additional gun mounting bands. Inside the front 620x260mm big pocket we will fit a machinegun. The gun mounting bands are also located in it.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Black

The bag is constructed from durable and tough 600D nylon, which is capable of supporting the weight of two Airsoft weapons with ease. This practical carry case is ideal for any Airsofter who likes taking more than one Airsoft weapon to a skirmish, and keeping all of their gear together in one convenient bag.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Tan

Gun case with two chambers for dual storage/transportation. Main chamber will hold rifle up to 960 mm long (or 1100 mm when utilising the external hood).Secondary chamber will hold a firearm up to 650 mm long.Case also has pockets that allow transporting magazine or other accesories.Case may be transported in ordinary fasion with use of transport handle...

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3-Day Molle Assault Backpack Tan

Utility backpack made by high density Nylon material, 1" molle webbing throughout the backpack, Removable sternum strap, Adjustable shoulder, chest and waist strap, Hydration system drink tube exit hole on top of the backpack,

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BATTERY LI-PO 1500MAH 11,1V 20/40C

Accumulator type: metal
Accumulator connector type: small Tamiya
Accumulator cells type: lithium
Accumulator capacitance: 1500 mAh
Length: 125 mm
Width: 20 mm
Accumulator voltage: 11,1 V

NOTICE! Batteries are covered only by starting warranty.

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Dimensions: 12,5 x 2 x 0,6 (cm x cm x cm)
Capacity: 1500 mAh
Voltage: 11,1 V
Maximum discharge power (semi fire): 30A
Maximum discharge power (auto fire): 60A

During charging LiPo battery needs to be remembered:

* Use *ONLY* a charger approved for lithium batteries.
* Charging each time using the balancer is advisable. It is preferable to use it at least every 5 cycles of loading.
* *DO NOT* leave battery without supervision when it is charging.
* *DO NOT* use broken cells.
* Avoid prolonged charging, it can cause battery damage.
* If some anomalies are spotted, you must stop charging immediately.
* To avoid the probability of electric shock first unplug the charger.

During usage LiPo battery needs to be remembered:

* *DO NOT* exceed maximum discharge power. For example battery with a 2100 mAh capacity and 15C ratio means that the maximum discharge power can take the value 15x2100 mAh = 31500 mAh = 31,5A.
* *DO NOT* discharge cells below 3 volts per cell. Under 3 volts chemical reactions start that ruin the cells capability to store a future charge.
* To avoid an excessive cells discharging is advisable to use LiPo alarm. When dangerous limit voltage level per cell will be reached LiPo alarm gives sound.

During storage LiPo battery needs to be remembered:

* Store them partially charged.
* Avoid leaving discharged battery. It can cause battery damage.
* Optimal temperature during storage is 12 Celsius degrees.
* Disconnect battery after each usage.

NOTICE! Batteries are covered only by starting warran

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WELL MB01, MB08, trigger assembly Sniper

WELL Trigger Assembly Suitable for airsoft Type 96 series by WELL MB-01 / SD96 / UTG Type 96 Shadow Ops / Bravo / Double Eagle / Maruzen and other compatible airsoft bolt action sniper rifles. Steel made upgrade part.

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hfc-199 m9 w/gun case full metal semi/full auto CO2

The HFC HG199 is a full metal, CO2 blowback pistol, based in design to the M9. HFC's gas blowback line is an excellent out-of-the-box performer, and comes with everything you need to start playing. Constructed with a metal frame, slide, and barrel, the HFC HG199 is a weighty and solid feeling airsoft gun, and will not leave you wanting for extra realism,...

Price €119.00

WELL VSR-10 Fluted Barrel Sniper Spring Power

Black Texture ABS Body and Full Metal Receiver With Barrel,  Muzzle Power reach ~320FPS Velocity (Air Cocking), Full Metal Magazine Accommodate 25+1 Rounds of 6mm Plastic Pellet. Scope and bipod NOT INCLUDED. Please Choice separately from list below

Price €119.95

Silenced GB v3 Cylinder Head

Silenced GB v3 Cylinder Head A cylinder head made from aluminium with the use of precise CNC machine for GB v3. The use of high quality materials and double sealing guarantee long and issue-free operation. 

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Baofeng Manual Dual-Band Radio BF-T1 - 0.5-1W

A compact and simple radio by the acclaimed Baofeng. Baofeng BF-T1 radio is a so-called dual band, which means a radio that operates in two bands - VHF and UHF. Baofeng BF-T1 can easily fit inside the User’s hand and ergonomically placed keys allow for operation with just one hand. Range of Compatible Frequencies: 400 - 470 MHz (RX/TX) and 87 - 108 MHz...

Price €22.08


A long-awaited replica of ARMY ARMAMENT's 1911 Darkstorm already on sale. The aim of ARMY was to launch a product for customers who are looking for a pistol with reliable combat characteristics, long range, fly straight and hit hard, but also a beautiful appearance with made of accuracy, precision finish and durability of construction. Please note!!! It...

Price €99.95

Full Metal TITAN 4inch Revolver Replica - Platinum

TITAN 4’ Revolver Replica solid by SRC made almost entirely of metal. Elements of the mechanism such as the hammer, trigger or the drum are also made of metal. The only polymer part is the pistol grip. The replica has a realistic mock shell-feeding system into the rotary drum - exactly as in the case of a live revolver. Each shell carries a single BB. The...

Price €119.95
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