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G&G Laser Sight for G2010/F2000 AEG

G&G Laser Sight for G2010/F2000 AEG- Polymer Made Handguard- With Metal Laser Sight- Rear button switch- For Mount on G&G G2010 Hunter / FN2000 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles- Powered by 3x CR123A Batteries (Batteries not included)

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Madbull Gear & Piston Lubricant
  • Madbull Gear & Piston Lubricant
  • Madbull Gear & Piston Lubricant
  • Madbull Gear & Piston Lubricant

Madbull Gear & Piston Lubricant for Airsoft


Grease & Lubricant is essential accessory to ensure your AEGs work smooth

Package include:
(Black) Gear Grease 5ml x 1

(Clear) Piston Grease 5ml x 1

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Gear and Pistol Lubricant in one package


Made in Germany
Selected by our engineers for Airsoft AEG pistons.
- Colorless transparent and non-melting lubricating grease.
- Silicone oil based lubricating grease to lower down internal friction. 
- Apart from a long service life it offers a good release effect and good film formation.
- Protect rubber parts from embrittling and to give plastics good sliding characteristics.
- Comes with good dielectric properties and resistance to high or low temperatures as well as hot and cold water. It is also compatible with rubber and plastics
- No health hazards. (Not eatable) 

Temperature: - 40ï¾°C to +200ï¾°C
Apply to the UBA regulations
Resistant to hot and cold water

Excellent compatibility with plastics and elastomers

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