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Double rifle gun case 120cm airsoft - Olive

The gun bag is made of nylon. Thanks to the application of the additional sleeve the cover will without any problem hold a gun that is up to 1300mm long. Inside of the main chamber there are two additional gun mounting bands. Inside the front 620x260mm big pocket we will fit a machinegun. The gun mounting bands are also located in it.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Black

The bag is constructed from durable and tough 600D nylon, which is capable of supporting the weight of two Airsoft weapons with ease. This practical carry case is ideal for any Airsofter who likes taking more than one Airsoft weapon to a skirmish, and keeping all of their gear together in one convenient bag.

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Double Rifle case 96cm long - Tan

Gun case with two chambers for dual storage/transportation. Main chamber will hold rifle up to 960 mm long (or 1100 mm when utilising the external hood).Secondary chamber will hold a firearm up to 650 mm long.Case also has pockets that allow transporting magazine or other accesories.Case may be transported in ordinary fasion with use of transport handle...

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(OUTLET) ICS BLE-PM2 Makarov NBB CO2 Full metal


Design based on the classic Russian descent pistol Makarov, the NBB system with fixed barrel feature could effectively increase stability while shooting. A 14 CCW muzzle end and a Shadow Barrel Extension Tube are included out of the box to assemble with ease. The unique Shadow cup design inside the Barrel Extension Tube could help to stable your barrel to increase accuracy while firing. Press-To-Vent hammer design provides safeness while changing the cartridge.


· CO2 System

· Hop-Up Adjustable

· Safety Function

· Air Pressure Release Function

Please Note!!!

- Adapter for attach suppressor missed!!!

- New replica!

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  • Non-blowback design allows for less maintenance and higher gas efficiency
  • Adjustable hop-up provides more accurate shots
  • Sling mount for pistol retention lanyards
  • Diamond textured grip
  • Included Suppressor for increased accuracy and weight stabilization
  • 14mm clockwise and counter-clockwise threaded suppressor included (missed!)
  • Metal construction with matte black finish

The PM2 NBB CO2 pistol is a replica of the classic Russian pistol. Built with a metal, non-blowback slide and pistol grip, the ICS PM2 is simplistically designed with a fixed outer barrel system and adjustable hop-up that provides high-performance and the best accuracy possible.

The pistol comes with a 14mm clockwise and counter-clockwise barrel extension to complete the suppressed Russian PM look while adding additional accuracy and consistency.

The ICS PM2 also comes with a new gas ventilation system, allowing the user to safely expend the CO2 cartridge for safe storage. All the user is required to do is to hold the trigger with no magazine, and press down on the hammer.

Manufacturer: ICS

Color: Black


Material: Metal Alloy
Length: 165mm / 265mm with Barrel Extension
Inner Barrel: 88.5mm
Muzzle Velocity: ~270 - 328 FPS
Magazine: 13 Rounds
Weight: 720g / 845g with Barrel Extension
Thread: -14mm Negative on Pistol, +/-14mm Barrel Extension
Gas Type: 12 Gram CO2
Firing Mode: Semi Automatic, Safe
Hop-up: Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Manual, Suppresor Without Adapter!

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The body are made of plastic, similar to the real firearm, while the reloading handle assembly and RIS rail barrels are made of metal. The replica is perfectly balanced thanks to the construction in the bullpup standard, it retains small dimensions and great maneuverability. This makes the replica perfect for short, medium and long range games. Please...

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! OUTLET ! WE M9A1 v.2 Full Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Metal reinforced threaded outer barrel, chamber, recoil spring guide rod, on frame safety, slide stop, hammer and trigger Full metal heavy weight professional training weapon Threaded barrel for mock silencer attachments Railed frame for light, laser attachments Heavy weight gas blow-back with superb performance Please Note!!! - May have some...

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! OUTLET ! M16A1 Full metal Vietnam Replica M-16A JG

This replica of M16A1 features a special triangular shaped handguard, pistol grip, fixed stock, three prong flash hider, forward assist, fixed carry handle upper with rear iron sight making it an authentic looking M16A1 used in the Vietnam War. Receivers, carry handle with rear sight, flash hider, trigger guard, safety lever, front sight, forward assist,...

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! OUTLET !Enfield SMLE No. 1 Mk IIIReal Wood Airsoft Rifle S&T

S&T LEE ENFIELD SMLE NO. 1 MK III AIRSOFT RIFLE IN REAL WOOD This S&T reproduction is a fantastic replica of the famous SMLE, with a real wood stock, Iron Cylinder and almost full metal construction this rifle comes in at 3.5kg, that is less than 500grams lighter than the real rifle. S&T have decided to go with the slightly later square...

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The Webley Revolver was the standard issue service pistol for the armed forces of the United Kingdom and the Commenwealth from 1887 until 1963. Webley Revolver is a top-break revolver with automatic extraction, which means those ammos will automaticlly extract from the chamber when users open the chamber. Webley MKVI was officially adopted in 1915 and...

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CM.128 is a selective-fire (semi-auto) electric non-blowback pistol. Fire-control selector switch in the form of the Safety Lever. Frame and slide made of polymer. Pistol featured with a hop up system. Please Note!!! - May have some marks/scratches/missing/damaged box!

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A replica of the US infantry primary rifle from World War II until the late 1950s, when the M14 and later the M16 rifle were introduced. Electric mechanism with a v7 gearbox compatible with Marui/CYMA parts, steel gears mounted on 6mm bearings and a quick spring change system. The buttstock is made of quality wood, and the elements such as barrel, gas...

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(OUTLET) CYMA AEG Airsoft Pistol (CM127)

Electric Pistol Great Starter Sidearm Fully Automatic Mode A non-blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Pistol which is based upon some of the World's most popular pistols, with all of the best bits taken and combined to create one unique pistol which is highly ergonomic. Please Note!!! - May have some marks/scratches/missing/damaged box!

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The replica's components are made from plastics and metal. The stock rail, front iron sights, fire mode selector, magazine release and the trigger are made of metal. Magazine box and two sling mounting points are made of steel. Adjustable length of the stock allows the user to adapt the replica to his or hers physique and preferences. Small size of the...

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